Taking the first steps without a loving hand to hold

The terrifying sight of the mother burning to death. And the father’s disappearance into the unknown. Orphaned by the crushing fate at a tender age. Let’s be the balm on this little one’s deep wounds.

Sasthamkotta Lake is the largest fresh water lake in Kerala. On the bank of it, among the many nondescript houses, there stands a small shack. In it sits Aryamol, a grade three girl with eyes as deep as the placid lake outside. The tears that gushed forth from those two small swollen eyes all these years could have turned that lake saline.

Arya had nothing to boast of except her aged grandparents. Her eyes once showed the struggle to bring together the puzzle of her plight. She shuddered at the recurring thought of the furious quarrel between her father and mother which culminated in her mother’s drastic step to kill herself by self-immolation and her father’s heartless act of going out of their house and their hearts.

Her grandmother’s eyes never dried of tears as in her sleepless nights she wept ceaselessly over the fate of her granddaughter. Her family has survived so far on the pittance her aged grandfather earned from doing small jobs. Now his ageing body and failing health no more allows him to go out to work. Then the loss of her grandmother’s temporary job at a cashew nut processing factory has snuffed out their last hope of scratching a living. It was at that time of utter helpless that Reach World Wide came to know about their miserable existence and decided to support them. Now as they enjoy the Love of God every day through the members of the Reach World Wide, they can’t properly express their gratitude to the Lord Jesus through words as emotions continuously choke their words.