Precious ones orphaned by cruel fate

God is calling us to share the parents’ love to these little ones who lost their parents.

Five years ago, when his mother left home for ever, leaving her three small helpless children behind, it was Gokul, the eldest among the siblings, who cried more bitterly than the others because the others were not old enough to realize this cruel and crushing fact. His brothers: two-year old Govind and six-month old Gowri- cast a confused look at their brother’s heart-rending cry. As if this pain was not enough, not many weeks later, as a double whammy, their father also followed suit leaving behind his children to fend for themselves and to the mercy of the cruel fate.

When they were cast into the helpless corner of their one-room house in a slum on the outskirts of Kottayam, with only their daily wage earning grandparents to fall back on, Jesus’s never failing love came in search of them through Reach Worldwide. These little ones who never had the joy of wearing new clothes or taking nutritious food were overjoyed to have them abundantly from the Reach. Having received everything to their hearts’ content they screamed out of joy in unison. Henceforth Reach World Wide is our parents…