A dream come true for Reach World wide!

Today’s news that Kottayam is the only district in the whole nation that is starvation – free is a dream come true for Reach World Wide! Reach World Wide, an organization that was birthed out of a need to eradicate starvation due to poverty has acheived a big milestone- Pattiniyilla Pattanom(starvation-free town). Reach World Wide initiated it’s activities through the ‘Feed the hungry’ programme in 26th July 2004. This concept was conceived in Bro. Mathew Kuruvilla’s (Tangu Bro) heart after the tragic death of a debt stricken businessman who ended his life since he couldn’t afford to feed his children who were crying for food. That very day Bro. Mathew took a stand that he would do whatever it took to prevent death due to starvation and initiated this venture in Kottayam town. ‘A handful of rice, save thousand lives’ were the initial steps taken for this where those who wanted to contribute could bring rice grains and later on , a whole meal was prepared by the Reach World Wide volunteers for those in need. Since then more than 2 million food packets have been distributed in and around Kottayam. Today, this FEED THE HUNGRY programme has spread out not only in several districts of Kerala, but also to other nations. Reach World Wide has now spread it’s wings into every aspect of humanity reaching out world wide.