Women Empowerment Program

Empower a woman, and you empower a society. The empowerment of women cannot fail to result in a more caring, tolerant, just and peaceful life in the society. Under the Women Empowerment programme, Reach World Wide has initiated employment programmes for women in our society who are in various crises.

Recently, a woman in Kerala sadly witnessed her child being abused by her own husband and being deeply depressed, she decided to commit suicide. But fortunately, our Reach World Wide volunteers were able to reach out to her and help her.Many such women in our society are abused and oppressed because they are not financially independent. As a result of their helpless situations, they are not able to educate their children or live in a secure environment. Following this event, the women empowerment programme was introduced realising the fact that most of the women who were preys to domestic violence and all kinds of abuse were not financially independent Reach World Wide fabricated this programme with a motive to make such women financially independent by equipping them with the skills required to make and sell their own products.
This project was birthed in the heart of the founder director of Reach World Wide, Ps. Mathew Kuruvilla. It was initiated by him on hearing about families who are hunger and poverty-stricken and about mothers and young girls who are living in fear under unsteady cicumstances. Our projects enable them to enjoy the benefits and profits and also get an insurance coverage which eventually make them financially independent.
The first project that was launched under the Women Empowerment Programme was the manufacture and sale of pappadoms using high quality ingredients. Each time a packet of pappadom is purchased from Reach Word Wide, you are supporting a woman. This venture has already benefitted many women. Now, the widows working under this project are not dependant on anyone and the single women are not abused anymore because of better living conditions as a result of improved financial stability.

Up to now, Reach has successfully achieved this goal by helping women manufacture and sell pappadoms worth 12 lakh rupees and that has boosted the financial situation of numerous such families that were struggling to make ends meet.
Following the success of the pappadom sales, Reach World Wide has now come up with a new venture -THE REACH EXPRESS, a mini supermarket chain. This was envisioned to make our products available everywhere at a cheap price.

The main objective of REACH EXPRESS is to provide jobs to widows and the deprived and destitute women in the towns and villages of Kerala. REACH EXPRESS will be making an impact through this revolutionary programme for women where the women involved not only get their salaries but also a good share of the profit that is made. Pappadoms, soaps, flour and many other goods that we use daily will be manufactured by us in a high standard of quality and will be sold in REACH EXPRESS at low prices.Also,fish and vegetables will be sold fresh and chemical-free.
Even if we are not able to change the whole world, we are able to give some goodness and love to at least one family. Proverbs 19: 17 says ” He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord, and He will pay back what he had given.” We strongly believe that you cannot do anything ignoring a poor man’s tears. We were able to reach out to the unreached only because of your cooperation and strong support and we hope that you will continue to support us as you did all these years.

Let’s join hands to get the REACH EXPRESS across while keeping purity, gain,access and the people in mind.