Why did our mother do this to us?

"Why did our mother do this to us?" asks, Anakha(9 years) and Ashwin(7 years) who witnessed their mother burn herself to death due to domestic violence 4 years ago. Their father was a notorious... more

A paperboy fighting off poverty and pain

Under the roof of a small house sit a partially paralysed father, a blind mother, a school-going sister, an ailing grandma and Jyothish who is the lifeline for all of them This is Jyothish, a... more

We aren’t orphans anymore

When their mother told them to watch TV, the two little children never thought that those were her last words. What they saw next was the burned out body of their dear mother. When their father also... more

Little shoulders that bear the burden of life

The heart-breaking story of a twelve-year old boy who took up the job as a paper boy to raise money to treat his mother. Afijith is a student with a difference. When his classmates rise up early to... more

Taking the first steps without a loving hand to hold

The terrifying sight of the mother burning to death. And the father’s disappearance into the unknown. Orphaned by the crushing fate at a tender age. Let’s be the balm on this little one’s... more

Precious ones orphaned by cruel fate

God is calling us to share the parents’ love to these little ones who lost their parents. Five years ago, when his mother left home for ever, leaving her three small helpless children behind, it... more

let this smile never fade

The story of a little girl who made friends with lambs to share with them her agony and isolation of losing her parents. Binsimol’s father passed away when she was only four years old. Two years... more