let this smile never fade

The story of a little girl who made friends with lambs to share with them her agony and isolation of losing her parents.

Binsimol’s father passed away when she was only four years old. Two years later she lost her mother too. At a time when she was just beginning to realize and enjoy the love and care of her parents. Death came in the form of dengue fever to snatch her father from her life. Hardly had she recovered from that shock when tragedy struck the second time. Her mother, who was only 32 years old then, succumbed to a fatal disease that afflicted her in the intestine. Binsimol and her only brother Prince found themselves thrown into the vortex of agony, isolation and helplessness. When Binsimol realized that the pittance that her grandfather aged 72 earned from tapping the rubber trees around was barely enough to make both ends meet, she stepped out of her house to rear goats to make a meagre living.

She heard about Reach Worldwide’s support for the poor students’ education and applied for it. Reach Worldwide was more than happy and proud to help this smart little girl studying in the seventh grade who is scraping a living by fighting against all odds. Holding a little lamb close to her, she thanks God for Reach Worldwide and gratefully remembers and prays for the generous souls that stretched out their helping hands into their lives. She flashes a smile of contentment and gratitude.

Let’s make sure that it doesn’t fade from her face.